Link 18 Apr 1 note 5-On-5 Roundtable: First Round Eastern Conference Predictions»

Today on 5-On-5 Roundtable, my fellow Hoops Habit scribes and I break down the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs and make predictions so you don’t have to:

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I pray for clarity, for those who are questioning it all. 
I pray they’ll hear the answers when they call. 
You are special. 
You are loved! 
A perfect reflection of heaven above. 
God makes no mistakes, you are a miracle story!

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Link 17 Apr 26 Animals That Are So Adorable They Will Make You MAD»

I don’t normally post stuff like this but I really want a puppy again.

Link 17 Apr Can The Golden State Warriors Advance Without Andrew Bogut?»

Do the Golden State Warriors stand a chance in the first round against the LA Clippers without their paint enforcer Andrew Bogut? Here’s a breakdown of how the Dubs will fare without their big Aussie:

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The only thing worse than the crazy man’s conundrum, when no one believes the sane man who desperately yells over and over that he isn’t crazy, is the hell of the man who is no taken seriously when he says he loves you
— Anonymous.
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I think you’re trying to make it seem
Like it never could’ve meant enough
But what I’m hearing you say
Is that you’re running away
'Cause it meant too much

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Link 16 Apr Daily NBA Fix 4-16-14: Clipping Away At The Two Seed?»

How the Knicks won a meaningless game for bragging rights without Carmelo Anthony and how the Clippers could sneak into the 2-seed in the West after last night

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Let your love be strong and
I don’t care what goes down

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