Link 21 Oct NBA: Contender Or Pretender?»

Here’s a look at 10 ‪NBA‬ teams with playoff aspirations and whether they’re legitimate contenders or just pretenders:

Link 21 Oct Washington Wizards Officially Sign John Lucas III»

The Washington Wizards have signed John Lucas III to strengthen their injury-depleted backcourt:

Link 19 Oct Phoenix Suns: Pressure On The Frontcourt»

The Phoenix ‪Suns‬ have the deepest backcourt in the NBA, but going small will put a ton of pressure on the frontcourt:

Link 18 Oct NBA Power Tankings: The League’s 10 Biggest Losers»

Who will be the league’s worst teams competing for that No. 1 draft pick next summer? Take a look at my ‎NBA‬ Power Tankings:

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Link 16 Oct NBA Power Rankings: Preseason Injury Update Edition»

Now that we know Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal are out for at least six weeks, it’s time for an updated edition of NBA Power Rankings:

Link 15 Oct Phoenix Suns: Should They Trade Gerald Green?»

Here’s why even after a breakout year last season, the Phoenix Suns could end up trading Gerald Green before the February trade deadline:

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And the award for the most relatable album of all time goes to….

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Link 15 Oct 1 note NBA: 10 Most Underrated/Overrated Stars»

We love arguing about which NBA stars are overrated or underrated. Here’s a look at 10 of the most controversial stars in the league with a final ruling on whether they’re underrated, overrated or neither:

Link 9 Oct NBA: 10 bold predictions for 2014-15»

With the start of a new NBA cycle less than three weeks away, it’s time to start asking the big questions. Who will make the playoffs in 2014-15? Who’s the favorite for MVP? And who’s going to win it all? Here are 10 bold predictions for the upcoming season:

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Link 8 Oct Indiana Pacers: Frank Vogel Signs Extension»

Frank Vogel has signed a multi-year extension with the Indiana Pacers. Here’s why that’s a smart move for Indiana:

Link 8 Oct Phoenix Suns: Alex Len’s Health Key For 2014-15»

Here’s why Alex Len’s health is so important for the Phoenix Suns, and not just for the 2014-15 season:

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